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Welcome on the site about the history of House of Korczak-one of the oldest Polish clans, which representatives have been for centuries contributing to the history of Poland and beyond. Korczak, as many other Polish family crests, was used by many families. These coat of arms is used by over six hundred surnames, which make it to be one of the most widespread Polish crests. As so many people used Korczak, its history is rich and definitely worth remembering. Korczak was used by varied members of nobility from aristocracy to poor gentlemen, so it gives really diverse view into Polish elites. Work over the site is in progress. As a historian-hobbyist, i'm going to run it as good as possible, still i look forward for some help from people intrested in the topic.

Regards and thanks to all who will decide to help the project,

Jakub Wereszczyński of Korczak